Sunday, June 26, 2011

New project

I am part of a large collaboration that involves 11 different artists and is being put together by Daniele Vickers. She purchased some websites and over the next few months, we each have one week to upload a piece responding to the artist before us. The connecting medium for this project is the internet. The primary means of communicating, showing, presenting the piece etc. must be digital. In essence, these are installations that site specific to a computer screen. I think this is a fascinating idea and it will be interesting to see each artist respond to it and to each other.

Daniele started it and can be viewed here. I am the next artist, I am excited to start working on my piece.

Ok but speaking of the internet, I am jealous of Daniele's clean, nice, new blog. Go look at it. Click on her name. I have only had my blog look the way it does for a couple months now. But hers looks so darn proFESSional! It means that she is a real artist now. IIIII want to be a real artist too! Everyone around me is getting pretty fresh blogs and websites for their arts and I want one too. It is kind of like when you buy an awesome new dress and you go to school and someone else got an awesome new dress and you are like


how is that girls dress way better than mine...

Man... well at least I didn't spend any money like if this were actually about dresses. But I was hoping on holding out a little bit so I could think of a better option. I felt like it would be kind of a sell out because I only really want one because everyone who IS anyone has one. I mean, there has to be something better than a fresh, white website for your art right? GOLD one! Or like one made of gummy bears? Yeah? Or like one with wings? Maybe if my website was a giant kite with real cake and with a birthday present attached to it, it would be better than a clean white one!

Ok melissa

Get. off. the. internet.

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