Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Being birthed

I did this performance time-based piece I did for Daniel Everett's New Genre class last semester. It has some obvious visual links to some installations I did for the same class. The title "Being birthed" came after I had done the video and watched myself being ejected from the protective cocoon. There is a duality that comes from being wrapped up- I feel both stifled and safe. Once I am ejected, I feel liberated and vulnerable. I like that there are 2 complimentary emotions in the before state (being wrapped up), and 2 emotions in the after state (being ejected), which makes 4. And I like the number 4 because it is a strong number. 


  1. I wish birthing was as peaceful as rolling down a hill ;)

    I also wonder if babies feel the same emotions you described. I can definitely see them feeling safe and then vulnerable, but it never really occurred to me that they might also feel stifled and liberated. Interesting to think about.

  2. Haha, yes I was imagining that maybe I felt like babies feel. I am glad you commented on this since this is something you have experience with.
    It was interesting being rolled up in all that stuff because instead of just rolling, I was also bouncing a little bit and I couldn't anticipate which side I was going to land on. It was more confusing than if I rolled down myself. Also, one of my favorite aspects of this is the composition of the frame, I find it very peaceful :)